Like flowers growing up through pieces of broken cement, signs of generosity and love appear everywhere. Beneath the dramas of a changeable world lies what physicists call a unified field. The field, the wellspring of all possibilities, is not visible to the physical eye. We know that its components exist, not because we can measure them – we cannot, for they are too small –  but because of the trails they leave in their wake. On the other hand, when we are not observing these components, they leave no trails. One example that makes this concept clear is the observation of holidays. When someone asks if you “observe” a holiday, what this actually means is, “do you observe the holiness of this day?” Through the creative act of your observation the day is made holy for you. How profound a realization it is that the power of our own perception influences the nature of our life experience.

In short, we see love when we take the time to observe it. When we do not put our attention to it, we do not see the effects of its existence. It is by consciously observing the good that we create a world in which there is more love to be observed.

Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see.”  I used to want to change the world until I realized the only thing I had to change, (to change the world), was how I perceived it.