First and foremost: Thank you to all of my beloved neighbors who smile when I pass on the street, stop to pet my dog when I walk her, and those that chat with me in the Foodland line.  Thank you to the neighbors who put extra lemons on the edge of the road, who watch others houses while they are away, bring over avocados and other fresh vegetables grown in backyard gardens. Thank you to the neighbors who pitch in to take the recycling and blink their lights when a policeman is hiding nearby.  You are the best neighbors.  Thank you to my fellow students and teachers at KCC.  You have helped me to learn about this beautiful island of Kauai’i and made me feel welcomed and included.  You have explained concepts I couldn’t grasp at first, and helped me to grow closer to our earth and the nature of it.

When I started making these invitations, it was inspired by the study conducted by Paul Pearsall on the acts of giving, receiving and observing.  I originally viewed these actions as separate meaning, because I had received so much, I had the ability to give.

During the process of creating this website and the 750 “invitations” I gave birth to my son Zion.

St Francis of Assisi’s prayer has a line that says, “For it is in giving that we receive.”  I never quite grasped this concept until now, through the experience of being a mother.  I have grown to realize that giving and receiving are the same and they occur simultaneously when we give with unconditional love.  Now I see how when giving from your heart it adds rather then depletes.   Love is all around me because it is inside of me.

My original goal was a “social experiment” to see if Paul Pearsall’s study was correct.  I can assure you that preparing these “gifts” has enriched my life tremendously over the last two years.  Thank you for your kindness and warmth you share with me everyday as I move around in our community.  It has been proven: the acts of giving, receiving and observing do create LOVE.  And now I know first hand that they are not separate, but the same.

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