We moved to Kaua’i ten years ago. I had never been to a Hawaiian island before. The generosity and warmth I experience daily, from the people here, has changed my outlook on life. By living on Kaua’i I have been a witness to the true spirit of “Aloha”.

On an island there are limited resources in the traditional sense; food, water, fish, and land.  It is also more competitive for jobs, gas, roads, groceries, and space; houses are extremely expensive. The Hawaiians have taught me how to value and share what is available. Many local families suffer hardship because they don’t have money, education, or opportunities to compete with “transplants” from the mainland. Their families have been here for generations and will never leave because this is their home and their birthright.

Vacationers often don’t realize it while they are visiting, but they too are sharing in limited resources….

Yet the feeling on the island is of plenty and Love. Joy and appreciation for the land is palpable. Relationships, life and nature are valued above all else and the community works together to form harmony.

The generosity of the people on Kaua’i has truly inspired me. Through their example I have been taught how to incorporate gratitude and generosity from isolated acts, to a way of life.

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