10 Years – Build a business to fund “EDEN”

Age 40-45: (Adelka baby stage)

Open Boutique and learn how to run a profitable business

Master my skills as a sewer and pattern maker/build ONE clothing

Transfer to UH and obtain my bachelors degree in psychology

Age 45-50 (Adelka starts kindergarten / Zion in 4th grade):

Continue boutique business

Continue expanding ONE

Obtain a Masters Degree in Psychology

2026 – Fashion show presenting plans for “EDEN

Age 50-60:  Kids are teenagers

Gain experience in counseling and teaching youth/write, test, and launch “superhero” training.

Obtain a PHD in Psychology with emphasis on healing through animals.

Volunteer to gain experience in running a non-profit/community organization.

Begin to build Eden.

Age 60 – 90: Eden becomes reality.