ONE Clothing

ONE is my protest against mass production.

I always loved vintage clothing; there was only one of it’s kind + (plus ) vintage is usually made with superior craftsmanship compared to what we find on the racks now. But the thing I loved most about vintage, was the personal history each piece contained. I would find myself wondering/imagining about the characters that wore them before me – When I bought vintage clothing I was buying a piece of the past. The garment had absorbed memories, personalities, adventures, lessons in living. It was like adopting a piece of clothing and giving it a new life… repairing it, reworking it, representing it.

As a seamstress, I began to discover that I could work out a garment’s history from the way it’s been “worn”….satorial archeology. For example, a woman brought me three jackets by Chanel to be repaired one day. They were all in good condition except that each had a thread bare patch on the right sleeve. The woman who brought them told me they had belonged to her aunt, a novelist, who wrote all her books in long hand.

My gran who taught me to sew always said if there is a fault on a garment, make it a virtue, don’t just mend it.

Like the beading of a beautiful trim, or the hand stitching on a bodice I care for my soul by caring for yours.

Fashion is literally the fabric of our lives. Your garments carry your heritage, your history, your memories – which gives it kind of backbone. Over time our most cherished clothing becomes as wise, and as wrinkled as we are – and like the wrinkles on an elder’s face, our garments show how we have LIVED.

with ONE creations

Know you’re wearing something that is both highly individual, and beautifully made. Furthermore, know it was ONE made just for you.