…Giving because we have been given

Guerilla Giving is a grassroots foundation dedicated to giving LOVE on the Island of Kaua’i.
“We live to give and we give to love.” This website is a chance to observe giving and receiving.
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Why don’t we give more? Maybe some of us believe that we don’t have anything extra to give…maybe we feel the need to conserve our energy, money or time for later. This story may change your mind,
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A gift is never “deserved.” That is the definition of a gift. Sometimes, just one person believing in you can change your world. The beauty in the gift of giving is that it works like a ripple. It doesn’t stop; it is continuous. Love is an action worth believing in.
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we see love when we take the time to observe it. When we do not put our attention to it, we do not see the effects of its existence. It is by consciously observing the good that we create a world in which there is more love to be observed.
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